Thursday, December 2, 2010

Islam and Materialism.

Islam and Materialism

the questions have been circulating around since many years back then.
and many times i have opted to not answer the question.
that was none other because i didnt have the exact words to get my answer linear to the islamic law.

"Syed, kenapa baju kau kena ikut design ni?"

"Syed, kenapa kau dress up macam ni?"

and many other similar questions. all regarding to material.

friends and readers.

talking sometimes does not bring any change. talking sometimes cannot answer a question properly. action speaks louder than words.

the reason i am so (materially) is simply because i want to prove that Islam does not reject material and muslims are not left behind in terms of material.

Islam is not only the religion about the unseen, but also gives concern on the physical world.

Have we forgotten that Muhammad (peace be upon him) used to dress up smartly?
Have we forgotten Imam Abu Hanifah that used to dress up smartly?

I admit, there are many muslims out there dressing up smartly. But the question is, do they bring the Islamic identity along with their dress? Even if i fail to portray the Islamic akhlaq to convey to beauty of Islam, i always hope that with my dressing, people will get the message that Islam wants us to look good, and Islam is not about dressing with rugs.

Islam rejects Materialism, but Islam does not reject material.

p/s: looking forward to post about skepticism in Islam.


coremand said...

prof syahmi memang sentiasa kelihatan segak dan bergaya..

nnt kalau aku terlepas note UNGS ke, refer ko je la..hehe :D

Saidina Ali said...

sila lah refer kalau nak sesat :)