Thursday, December 23, 2010

forgetful us.

expect the unexpected.

sounds stereotypical.
sounds ignorable.
sounds over sensitive.
sounds easily forgetted.


who says exam questions must revolve around the content of the book only?
who says exam questions must be regarding on what our lecturer said in class only?

somehow i held to that kind of ideology.
and this week, i was proven to be totally wrong!

UNGS2030 : some of the things we even havent learnt yet in class.
UNGS2040 : the greatest surprise. "Eh, igtkan exam petang? Aku baru nak baca lepas zohor nanti"
UNGS2050 : the questions were totally KBKK.

any of you expected that?
I didnt.

serves me right.

yes, we are forgetful.
we forget that things dont go as we expect them to be. :)

1 comment:

Haidar Coremand said...

rileks la prof..kalau prof macam ni, aku lagi la.. T.T