Friday, January 13, 2012

dare to repeat?

finish line. ihsan dari google.

It has been very long since i last updated this blog.
I had a lot of time, actually to write, but the condition of poor time management disallows me to do many things. As a result, i didnt do revision much, and many more.

Well to be honest, the life in the university and centre for foundation studies are absolutely not the same.
Here is where i face the possibility to fail a subject, for my first time.

The run has ended, the finishing line has been crossed, and there's nothing else to do.
You cannot reverse the time to the starting of the race and correct when u went wrong,
but all you can do is do some post mortem, and apply that in your next run.

The past has been a history, and now you have the present to prepare for your future.

Dont do the same mistake twice :)