Wednesday, December 3, 2008

When the trusted ones betray.. [part 1]


Life is hard..

and it is even harder if any of us choose to live alone,
and face everything all by ourselves.

We need somebody.

Somebody who is reliable.
Somebody who can be counted on.
Somebody who is TRUSTED.

How could we know that?


In our very own body,
it is not us by ourselves who work alone to maintain our health.
We exercise.
We take supplements.
We take vegetable.
But still, we're not alone to maintain our health.
We got immune system.aka immune.

We trust immune system so much that we never bother to know how it carries its task.
Neither what does it do.
We just trust.
And it protects our body from pathogens and diseases no matter what.
But when it comes to the betrayal part..


I must say, the word betray isn't very suitable for this disease.
It's not that the immune system who betrays,
just that the immune system fails to recognize its own 'colleague',
which they work together to maintain the health of the body.

They mistake organs, tissues and even cells as pathogens and start destroying them.
As a result, the damaged parts fail to function.

The disease is also known as 1000 face disease by some medical practitioners
as it has no specific symptoms.

Obvious symptoms are only known by damaged organs and tissues,
and among them are,

2.50% fatigue
3.ulcer problems fall
6.nerve system interruption
7.low white blood cell count
8.low platelet count

[wait for the 2nd part]

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