Tuesday, November 9, 2010

baru kau tau?

it has been about one month since the semester has started.
and life has been typical. quite typical for a human being.

ups and downs. tests and fails. (and passes?)
packed days and lengthy days. tight sleep and sleepless nights.
well i regard that as stereotypical life. why, you ask?

because this is life. so that's how it should be.
hardness, relaxation, plain sails, painfulness, tense and all.
what do you expect?
this is not heaven, after all.

you want to relax?
you want all your desires fulfilled?
you want non-stressing, happy sunny days?

work hard for heaven, and you will earn even more than what you can imagine over there.
the best point is, all those pleasures are everlasting. there's no end.

interested? let's start working for heaven!

p/s : this is islamic worldview. it gives concern to this current life, and the next eternal life.

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