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this is a dedication to my brother Saiful Alimin and my physics lecturer, Madam Habibah Yusoff.
Physics is a subject i have the least interest in. But i seemed to do better in Physics than the subject I have more interest in ; Biology. Madam Habibah kept repeating during all classes throughout last semester that the law of conservation of energy happens in all situation, all place.

The Law of Conservation of Energy

According to Sir Serway, the law of conservation of energy states that energy cannot be created and cannot be destroyed. However, it can be transformed and transferred.

For instance, the electrical energy that is being supplied to a light bulb will be transformed to heat energy and light energy. And some are also transformed into sound energy in faulty bulbs. The conversions of energy proves that energy is not destroyed. This shows that energy is conserved.

Adaption to real life

In simple situations, it can be easily understood that what we eat will be converted into energy. The more we eat, the more energy we gain, and thus the more work can be done.

But have we ever adapted it into even more complex situation? Like exams, turning the world into a better place to live in? and so on?

Everything is conserved. If you work hard, you will achieve good marks in your exam. All your hard work, your prayer and your good deed will be converted into what you will get in your exam
(Habibah Yusoff, 2010)

I agree so much with the statement.
We will get back exactly the same value as what we have invested in order to achieve our goals.
If we get good results, then there must be something significant during our struggle that awards us with such good result.
If we dont, then dont whine. There must be some flaws here and there during our struggle.
Our struggle maybe regarded as the hardest one can see on earth, but the flaws can simply eradicate the hard work.

It might be our selfishness, our independence to God, our despicable acts. It can be anything.

All CFS IIUM students.
The result will be out next week, insya-Allah. Let us pray the hardest so that we will get what we worked for.

p/s : I want 4.0. Please pray for me. :)

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